SMEs Front and Centre


SMEs Front and Centre

How business needs are driving (Instant) Payments Innovation.
According to the World Bank, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and businesses account for the majority of commercial companies worldwide and are important contributors to job creation and global economic development. Contributing up to 40% of national income in emerging economies, they represent about 90% of businesses and more than…

SME Assembly 2021 – The Role of SMEs in Place-Based Industrial Policies

In cooperation with the ECON Commission of the Committee of the Regions

The EU is putting more and more emphasis on support for place-based industrial innovation. This ‘place-based’ orientation is intended to attract the interests of EU territories seeking to improve or upscale their industrial innovation performance and to position SMEs at the core of these efforts.

The updated Industrial Strategy further develops a concept of an industrial ecosystem as a lens to look at Europe’s economy, involving all relevant actors – small and large companies, distribution networks, service providers, research actors and regulators. The ecosystems identified are based on value chains within the various critical sectors of the economy.

Measures targeting ecosystems need to be developed in a bottom-up process, reflecting companies’ needs and encompassing a place-based nature of many ecosystems. For a better performance of SMEs within the ecosystems, a seamless link between industrial ecosystems and regional innovation ecosystems needs to be promoted, building on regional smart specialisations as a blueprint for cross-border and interregional cooperation in the EU.

This session looks into 1) removing some of the barriers which prevent many European place-based industrial ecosystems and their SMEs from flourishing and 2) ways to strengthen SME performance and innovation, i.e. through collaboration and networks within and across the ecosystems.

What the Media Is Not Telling You About Small Businesses

Join us as our host, George Kamel, talks with bestselling author and Ramsey Personality Dr. John Delony. They sit down to talk about the habits successful people need to stay well. Later, John explains how to increase your resilience and how that’s tied to your mental and physical health.

You’ll learn:
• What the media is not telling you about small businesses
• Why winter is so depressing
• How to help your team fight seasonal depression
• How isolation is slowly killing us

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Front & Centre – Should Have

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