Riksbank to run simulated tests of e-krona


Riksbank to run simulated tests of e-krona

Sweden's central bank is to begin pilot tests of a digital krona that can work as a complement to cash.

“Digital Currencies and Revolution in the Payment Space” with Professor Darrel Duffie

Darrell Duffie, The Adams Distinguished Professor of Management and Professor of Finance at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, gives an in-depth look at how the latest digital currencies are revolutionizing how we pay, and where central bank-backed currencies will fit into our future. Recorded September 30, 2021 during GSB Alumni Week.

Sweden Starts Piloting the e-Krona Central Bank Digital Currency

E-krona pilot – test of technical solution for e-krona


The South African Reserve Bank Commences Feasibility Study for a General-Purpose Central Bank Digital Currency


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E-Krona: The Swedish Blockchain Currency Under EU Rule (CBDC)

Late walk ‘n talk video on national digital currencies, with focus on the Swedish E-Krona. As always, the Scandinavian countries are pioneers in the latest digital trends. Thus also the pioneering in the most privacy invasive technologies. Cash use in Sweden is down to 13% as of 2018 and the time might come when cash is almost or completely obsolete here. But how is it in the rest of the EU? What’s EU up to about this? Listen in as I ventilate some thoughts about this.

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E-krona project, report 1 – https://www.riksbank.se/en-gb/payments–cash/e-krona/e-krona-reports/e-krona-project-report-1/
The Bitcoin Psyop – https://youtu.be/FkhUn7nh33Q
What is money? – https://www.riksbank.se/en-gb/payments–cash/the-riksbanks-task-in-relation-to-payments/what-is-money/
E-krona – https://www.riksbank.se/en-gb/payments–cash/e-krona/
Banks Are Building a Super-Speed Money Highway in the Nordics – https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-07-15/banks-are-building-a-super-speed-money-highway-in-the-nordics
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Kim Dotcom: BUY BITCOIN, Sweden E-Krona

Watch live: https://ivanontech.com/live