Pandemic accelerates Bank of Canada `s CBDC work


Pandemic accelerates Bank of Canada's CBDC work

The Bank of Canada has accelerated work on a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in response to Covid-19 and its impact on cash usage, says a senior official who nevertheless cautions that a digital loonie is still not a "forgone conclusion".

Freedom Dies with the Central Bank Digital Currency

A CBDC is a controlled and centralized cryptocurrency. Over 90 nations around the world are currently in development of a CBDC, and in this video the dark side of central bank digital currencies gets explained.


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Countries are exploring implementing CBDC’s #shorts

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How The Banks Will Trick Us Into CBDC Adoption!

This is a video about how central banks are using this crypto crisis to launch CBDCs

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0:00 – Intro
1:50 – Bank For International Settlements Hates Crypto
3:48 – The Future Monetary System
6:00 – Crypto Vs CBDC
10:51 – Project Dunbar And Other CBDC Projects
12:20 – Conclusion

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In this video Johnny goes over the recent report from the Bank Of International Settlements comparing their CBDC plans to cryptocurrency and how they will solve this monetary crisis

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Central Bank Digital Currency Will CONTROL Your Life

Central Bank Digital Currency will control your life. CBDCs will control where you live, what you eat, where you travel…ABSOLUTE CONTROL. In this video, we will explore the the capabilities of a CBDCs and the dangers of a centralized government digital currency, and what you can do to secure your freedom.

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