Facing up to the Future: Biometric Automation in Banking


Facing up to the Future: Biometric Automation in Banking

The advantages of biometric authentication in banking over less secure passwords are now well understood. Biometric measures such as fingerprints and face verification not only help to reduce fraud and financial loss for banks and their customers, but they make transactions more convenient and faster for users. As a result, consumers the world over have become accustomed to the merits of biometric…

The Fingerprint Debit Card – BBC Click

We have been testing out a new form of debit card which involves your fingerprint and hopes to prevent fraud.

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How secure is Biometric Authentication Technology and Biometric Data? | Biometric Security

There are many ways to make a computer or security area secure. You can use passwords or smart cards. However, biometric data is considered to be particularly secure. How secure are biometric data really? Do you trust biometric data to secure important areas? Write it in the comments…

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How does facial recognition work?

Although people have known about the facial recognition technology for some time now, advances in deep learning and faster processing of big data has helped it develop more and more in a short time.

The global facial recognition market is growing each and every year.

It is being used in different industries such as security, retail, transportation, banking, and much more.

Watch our video to learn how this biometric technology works.

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The future of biometric authentication

Jonas Andersson, Director of Business Development at Fingerprint Cards, explores the future of biometric authentication and GlobalPlatform’s role in this space.