Bank of Canada won `t issue digital currency – yet


Bank of Canada won't issue digital currency – yet

The Bank of Canada has no plans to issue its own digital currency, but says this could change if cash usage drops off significantly or private options such as the Facebook-backed Libra gain widespread adoption.

Bank of Canada crypto digital currency – Money and Payments in the Digital Age 66 central banks 10%

In a speech delivered at the CFA Montréal FinTech RDV 2020, Deputy Governor Timothy Lane speaks about the future of money. / Dans un discours prononcé au RDV FinTech 2020 de CFA Montréal, le sous-gouverneur Timothy Lane parle de l’avenir de l’argent.

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‘We are turning the corner on inflation’: Bank of Canada key rate decision

Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem explains the latest interest rate decision.

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Bank of Canada Seeks Input For Implementing Digital Currency!

In case you hadn’t heard, when it comes to implementing a digital currency in Canada, The Bank of Canada is moving out of its research phase into a central bank digital currency development phase, its governor said on Dec. 12, with consultations on the issue to take place with, we Canadians in 2023.

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In this video I talk about the real threat of a CBDC digital currency and how soon we may see these. CBDC or a central bank digital currency is a form of exchange that is controlled by the government and is in digital form. This CBDC explained video also explains CBDC vs Crypto and how a CBDC USA currency is closer than you think. The CBDC in China is already being tested and in other CBDC news the Euro will likely participate soon. a CBDC or central bank digital currency should be in the back of your mind when you are stacking silver and gold. CBDC programmable money would be complete totalitarian control of the money supply. A CBDC is coming and it is a threat. I am stacking silver and buying gold to protect my wealth and I strongly encourage you to look into it as well.



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